¤°()°¤ Multidisciplinary Artist ¤°()°¤ 

°¤  Age : 25 years
°¤  Where : Otterburn Park (Qc), Canada
°¤  Formations :
Graduate DEC in Plastic Arts since 2011, Cegep Edouard Montpetit in Longueuil

 - Courses of drawing and nude model,
 Concordia University, Montreal in 2012

 - Private training with mixed media and color circle in 2013

¤°()°¤ Mixed media on canvas ¤°()°¤
Acrylic, Latex, Plaster, Structural Mortar, Chinese Ink , Charcoal, Golden leaf, Metal powder, medium gel, beaded sequins, Transparent beads, Inka gold, Permanent marker, phosphorescent (lighting in the dark), Epoxy and varnish. 

«The quest for oneself is to push to the limits of the extreme his talent and to have the perseverance to realize his dreams : Here is the flowering of the soul.»