Artistic approach

¤°()°¤ Artistic approach and vision ¤°()°¤

amazone et portrait.png°¤  Welcome to my official site. I am very happy to have you discover an artistic world where conscience allows room for boundless imagination.

°¤ have been developing my creativity with painting for more than ten years, with more than thirty exhibitions. I explore the metamorphosis of human characters in a seductive way that is connected by the dynamic positions of naked bodies and the movement of bright colors.

I infuse Jackson Pollock’s technique of depourring dripping which consists of letting the painting drip by innovating movement within an abstract form. I also incorporate relief and texture on my canvases. My trip to Barcelona, where Gaudi opened my mind to modernist, refined an colorful art, has influenced the mosaic side of my paintings.

°¤ As a novelty, I propose some fun and diversified web capsules to introduce to you, and get to know, the world of painting. This is an opportunity to enrich yourselves with information that I believe can help catalyse your creativity.

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